smells like teen spirit…


The saga of the stinky Chinese jeans continues.

The damp roll-up with the incense, chronicled in an earlier post, did not obliterate the stink of the cheap black denim.

I then went online to learn more. Turns out that lots and lots of people have had a similar experience: that cheap denim jeans literally stink.

Postings on various blogs etc. describe the smell as resembling burning hair, burning plastic, burning rubber. All true. I also stick with my slaughterhouse / as filtered through a giant ball of aluminum foil in your mouth combined taste-aroma.

Some theorize that the stink is particular to DARK cheap denim, or that it emanates from a cheap zipper.

Last night, around 6 p.m., I poured an entire bottle of Mr. Clean with Febreze– the purple one– into a big plastic recycling tub, put both pairs of stinky jeans in, added water to cover, and put the lid on it. I allowed this devil’s brew to marinate overnight, until around 10 am this morning. I then laundered the jeans with detergent.

Guess what?


I just put them out on the clothesline (so retro) in the backyard because I can’t stand to have them in the house.

Maybe if I keep hosing them down, the combination of water, air, sunlight and…???possum pee??bird droppings???– will offset the stink. I am curious to see what it will take, and how long it will take. Sort of like the half-life of radioactive substances.

I contacted the seller, and they are sending me a label, so that I can return the garments. I explained that I have worn and washed them, and this didn’t bother the seller. Not sure if I will return them, though. Now I have a morbid curiosity.



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2 responses to “smells like teen spirit…

  1. Soak them in white Vinegar and then wash them with detergent and some more vinegar… Let us know how it goes! 🙂

    Your cousin Ellie is my neighbor and pal! She showed me this site.

    • hey sis. a few people have suggested vinegar. does the easter egg smell ever go away? meanwhile, i soaked them in purple Mr Clean with Febreze for 18 HOURS in the backyard. then washed with detergent. then hung them on the clothesline for 3 -4 days — the combination (the sprinkler hits them where i had them hanging up) rain, air, seems to have driven the evil spirits back to the sulfurous chasm of their origins. i went online and lots of people have this complaint with cheap Chinese denim, esp dark / black. some theories suggest that it’s the ZIPPER that stinks? others having my experience liken the smell to burning hair, burning PVC, burning rubber. really horrifying, yet funny.

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