It’s a long way from Brooklyn.

Livin' for the city. Great song. My new blog.

Thanks for finding me. I’ve just returned to Los Angeles after a self-imposed three-year exile in the redwoods and fog of California’s northern coast. Now it’s time for sushi and pedicures. I’m launching this blog to extol the virtue and value of the urban experience. Speaking for myself, composting and clean air are simply not enough to sustain even passably intelligent life.


2 responses to “It’s a long way from Brooklyn.

  1. JANE

    LOVE this blog! Im always trying to persuade and convince myself that I would be happy living in Santa Barbara County – maybe even Santa Ynez – but the truth is I love my LA just too much! Brown rice sushi, TARGET [fave in Oxnard – much less take up of the designer goodies], 156 types of Sake, unlimited monthly Pilates and Fathers Office burgers – how can we stray?

  2. I just had a real — i.e. not frozen– bagel for the first time since Sept 07. Poppy. Still warm. As John Belushi said of heroin– “like kissing God”. The simple things one takes for granted in a cosmopolitan, metropolitan, diverse, multiethnic society!

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