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…or me may be “lunch” to someone else. Or dessert.

I love the above pic. It looks like the blood-oramge gelato i love at Pinocchio’s, a local Napolitano eatery down the street. In fact, according to Fooducate.com, it’s mechanically separated chicken– part of the “advanced meat recovery” process carried out by places like Mickey D’s, et al. To get all the meat offa the carcass, so to speak.

Eating itself is gross, by some standard. Crushing, sucking, chewing, gumming, swallowing, bathing our food with saliva-enzymes and stomach-acids to dissolve it into a soft paste which looks remarkably like the above by the time it hits our kishkas. Really not so different from Jeff Goldblum preparing his meal in “The Fly” remake. Then there is the underrated process of elimination — processing and dumping what’s left of the food we eat. Unless you live in a world where unicorns fly and rainbows sing, it doesn’t look nearly so nice making its exit.


And that coiling, candy- pink tube-snake of meat reminds me of this recent painting I did. About appetites of another sort. The calling of the carnal takes all forms. Gross? Yummy? Such a fine line. Bon appetit.


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